These days, it seems like most businesses are open all the time. Especially if you have an online store or work in digital. Actually, if you work at all in this highly connected world it seems we never get to take a proper break. But over Christmas and New Year many of us try (or at least should try)and take some time out to spend with our friends and family and reboot for the year ahead. The issue we have is the expectation to always be 'on' and to not lose any traction with social media engagement and following wtc we've worked so hard to garner throughout the year.

So we thought it was timely to bring you 4 tips to manage your workload and social media when you're taking a break (without having to outsource everything). This is designed to help you stay on top of your online 'presence' but still be present in what you're doing during your break. Feel free to use the bits that work for you and your business but basically, this is what we'll be doing;

1.Tell people what you're doing.

If you are closing down for the holidays or taking a break in the new year, make sure you let your followers and business partners know. That way they don't have the expectation that you are going to be posting twice a day or responding to emails during the time when you're planning to break. A number of people are taking a digital detox, feeling the impact of the tech trickle throughout their lives, so it's certainly not unheard of to take a break from your socials - just make sure you're communicating it to people, don't just go MIA.

2. Post less content - but make it high quality engaging content.

Seems obvious, but it's ok to post less. If you do 3 x posts per day at the moment, there's no harm in dropping this down to 1 x per day or even every second day. As mentioned in the first point, over this time period there's usually a lull (with the exception of Boxing Day sales), people are on holiday and spending less time online and on their social media. We'd recommend quality over quantity during this period (and basically, always) - drop the filler content during this time and  make sure what you're posting is genuinely useful or of interest to your followers/customers.

You can also get on IG Stories a bit more during this time - they're quick and easy to post and lots of followers are spending more of their time here than ever before.

3. Schedule it.

Schedule some of your content now before Christmas, so you can take a step back. This way it won't be constantly on your mind. Schedule the content/posts/emails and then set yourself a task to once daily drop in and engage with your followers on your posts and on theirs. We use apps like Plann to prepare the photos and captions in advance, then simply hit post when we're ready to go - it certainly makes life easy, you don't forget to post something at a key time and you don't get sidetracked by social media when you should be spending time with friends.

4. Embrace the out of office.

We'll be switching ours on today for the break. 

And we'll probably be checking our emails periodically for anything urgent, but other than that we'll have the out of office on and the feet up at the beach. We found some funny ones here - you may or may not like to emulate some of these.

And so we look forward to seeing you all on the other side. We've got some big plans for next year, fantastic events and really unique new ideas to help you grow your businesses!! For those of you keen to lock something in to really kick-start your New Year, check out our Get Shit Done goal setting workshop here.

Until then,

ina + chan x