The Way We Work with This Is Life Wellness


This Is Life Wellness is such an innovative and exciting concept. Tell me more about how is started and your vision?

The concept for This Is Life came to me after having my daughter Charlotte. Becoming a Mum changed me in the most profound way. It gave a new sense of purpose and complete clarity about the life I wanted to create for my little family. 

I took the challenges I faced as a new Mum and set out to create a haven just for families. I knew that my struggles; juggling mum life with business life, while finding time for myself were challenges that every parent faces. So, I made it my mission to create the place I wanted to enjoy with my family. 

My years of experience in the wellness industry, managing my Husband’s Chiropractic centre gave me insight into the challenges parents face trying to maintain their health and sense of connection to themselves and to each other. 

This Is Life is a haven for families, a place they can retreat to on the lonely days and when times get tough. A place that nurtures little people and their parents, that provides a range of holistic services and practitioners that work collaboratively to support, guide and empower clients on their path to wellness. That makes healthy living and self-care more accessible and achievable. For me, This Is Life is the ultimate wellness destination.



You have a little girl, Charlotte, who is 2.5 and I know at the moment you are working 6 days per week doing the start-up grind. How are you juggling both undertakings?

Some days I honestly don’t know. It’s certainly not easy, nor is being away from my little girl. I miss her terribly when I’m at work, so I make it my mission to involve her in our business as often as I can. She comes in a few times a week and has lunch with my Husband and I. She attends our kid’s classes and she looks after our courtyard garden. I go out of my way to make her feel included so that she feels her contributions are valued and understands what her Mum and Dad do for a living.

She is my motivation, my greatest supporter and my ambassador. I love the fact that she can be involved in our family business. Watching her face light up when she is included melts my heart. She welcomes our customers, knows our staff’s names and gets such joy out of being at “mummy and daddy’s work.” Those special moments serve as a gentle reminder that I’m on the right path.


Do you have support? How important is your support team in making your work life mama juggle possible?

My support comes from our Nanny Abbie. She has been caring for Charlotte since she was young and if it wasn’t for her none of this would be possible. I know that Charlotte is happy and being exceptionally cared for while I’m at work which makes leaving her each morning just that little bit easier. 


Me-time. Does it exist for you right now and what are some self-care rituals you swear by.

There is not a lot of me-time right now but I’m doing my very best to practice what I preach. Self-care is not easy and I’m the first to admit it. Mumlife is tough and juggling your families needs with your own is very challenging. Mothers instinctively give to their family before they give to themselves. We are all guilty of it, it’s our maternal instinct. But, This Is Life serves as a gentle reminder to parents that you matter, giving to yourself is important and you deserve it.

Right now my self-care ritual right is; I wake up early every morning so I get in some me-time before Charlotte and Ashley wake. I do a short meditation, pull and angel card and then just sit. In total silence, with my coffee. It’s pure bliss!



This is a beautiful space to work. How important is having an inspiring space to you and how did you create the aesthetic?

Working in an inspiring space is everything. It’s what gets my creative juices flowing and it’s the reason we created This Is Life. 

Ashley and I come from a mainstream allied health setting. After becoming parents our views on life evolved along with our dreams for the future. We were done playing it safe and doing it the way everyone else was doing it. The clinical settling no longer reflected who we were. We found it boring and slightly uninspiring. I very quickly realised that if I felt uninspired working in that environment then how were we going to inspire our clients?

I decided that to create a movement we had to immerse people of a culture of positivity and education. We had to create the ultimate wellness destination if we were to facilitate real and lasting change for people. It had to be an all-encompassing sensory experience from the moment they walk through the door. From the food on offer, to the background music playing, the personality of the staff and colour and theme of the décor. 



Best piece of advice for other Mama's starting their own business or venture.

Follow your passion. Find the one thing that sets your soul on fire and go all in. Juggling business life with mum life is not easy, but when you believe in your vision with every fibre of your being you can move mountains. Every set back makes you stronger and every challenge is designed to make you dip deeper and reconnect with your purpose. 


Women can do it all. Discuss.

We sure can. When women are in their power they are unstoppable. Having a child is what made me realise how gifted and powerful we are. Women are born to lead, we do it every day as Mothers, often without even realising.



What's next for This Is Life Wellness?

The sky is the limit. I have plans for a family wellness destination experience in the very near future. 

The next month will see the launch of my passion project. Modern Mummas; a community gathering open to all mothers seeking connection. This group is all about empowerment, goal setting and manifesting the life you desire. 

The first session is Wednesday 2nd May and every Wednesday thereafter.

Each week we will host a wellness warriors/expert in their field to empower mums on their journey to wellness. The classes will run from 9.30am – 11.30am in our workshop space upstairs. There will also be classes held on designated nights throughout May to celebrate Mother’s Day and to allow mums space to connect to themselves (without their children).

All classes are FREE and bookings can be made via Mindbody app (This Is Life Wellness) or