You know what, once I started to change my money mindset, Super became extremely sexy. What?! Pretty sure no one has ever told you that superannuation is sexy. I'm well aware that many of us would rather stick needles into our eyes that discuss our superannuation. It's mundane, boring and not that important right?? Don't get me wrong, as someone who spent the better part of 14 years working in a corporate HR career overseeing millions of dollars in payroll, super was the bain of my life. So I get it.

But the thing is, super is literally the fastest way you can change your financial future. And it can be easy and [say it with me] kinda fun ... and in my books, anything that is simple, fun, empowering and eliminated your long-term money worries is damn sexy. Superannuation will be your salary when you retire, so we need to start paying attention to it now (especially for us hustling entrepreneurs!). Most of us have some super, but we're not engaged with it because it's not relatable. It's time to empower ourselves on what is key to an awesome future.

So after doing all the research to find the super fund that is right for me, let me introduce you to Grow Super. Aside from a snazzy, aesthetically-pleasing, intuitive app (gets me every time), there were a number of benefits which got me over the time;


Can I get an Amen? I'm not sure about you guys but when I fell pregnant with Luka, financially it was daunting. It never made sense to me how we go from 2 x full-time incomes looking after 2 people to one income looking after 3 people! Not only does your income cease after any maternity leave benefit you are entitled to (if you're lucky) but so does any contribution to your super fund, which over the years, really adds up. To make matters worse, and what we often fail to consider, we continue to pay fees to our super fund during that time. To rectify this, Grow Super will look after you while you look after baby by removing superannuation fees for new parents while they're the primary carer for their newborn (up to 6 months). High Five!


Having worked in corporate for 14 years in various roles and organisations, I had super all over the place (in 4 separate super funds to be exact). Thats 4 different super funds I was paying fees to for no reason. I had been putting off consolidating my super because I had assumed (wrongly) it would be a long, arduous process (also wrong). I literally set up my Grow Super fund and consolidated all my super in under 90 seconds with the click of a button - entirely paperless!


Imagine if every time you buy a coffee, your super fund rounds up the payment and contributes it to your super?! Like you buy a coffee for $3.50 - it rounds it up to $4 and the 50cents goes straight into your super account. If you drink a million coffees a year like me, this is going to be the quickest + easiest way to boost your super balance by making voluntary contributions!

If you want to get savvy with your super and get smart with your money, head to (T&Cs apply) x