Although we desperately wanted a puppy to join our family, it certainly wasn’t a decision we made lightly.  My parents had a Boxer when I was born and we have had another two Boxer’s since, so Monty is our fourth.  We fell in love with the playful and active breed and their beautiful temperament with kids.  Having had 3 dogs in our family over the years, we were well aware that having a pup was a lot of responsibility and sought out the best information and resources on bringing our pup home and how to keep him happy and health for years to come.

Like with most things these days, there is an overwhelming amount of information available online, which of course, comes with lots of conflicting advice.  I wanted  create a simple guide with straight up advice for families looking to get a puppy, and so in collaboration and partnership with Baxter’s Dog Food and their resident vet, Dr Rob Zammit, we have created this downloadable PUPPY CHECKLIST to get you started.

I also had the pleasure of chatting to Dr Rob, who is known for his work in Burke’s Backyard and A Country Practice, to get his practical tips and advice on bring your puppy home and keeping them happy and healthy.  We also chat about life with our pup and Dr Rob shares a number of wisdom bombs with us all about how to help your dog lead a happy and full life, feeding and transitioning your pup onto new food, toilet training and much more.

Baxter’s is available here at Woolworths.