“We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too” – Dale Patridge.

My path to today, a day when I get to follow my own purpose, has been somewhat unconventional – making it all the sweeter.

If you’ll allow me, I’d like to take you on that journey.

For as long as I can remember, I always had an entrepreneurial bent. After finishing a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts (Psych) at uni, I threw myself into the corporate abyss, convinced that I must learn my craft and “do my time” before giving advice to others. Yes and no, it seems. So, whilst in hindsight (a beautiful thing), I would have gone down a slightly different, less soul-destroying path, I cannot deny the wealth of experience gained from my 12+ years working in professional services. Working across HR, Recruitment, Strategy and Planning, Talent Management, Learning and Project Management in Australia and Internationally in top-tier firms came with enormous learning. I had the privilege to sit in senior leadership roles, manage teams, shape strategy and above all, learn from some incredibly switched on, savvy and experienced business professionals. I added an MBA to my toolkit and a 2-year stint working in a regional role, based out of Hong Kong, for the world’s biggest law firm by revenue. But my dream never wavered. Learn as much as possible in order to successfully start my own consultancy with an innate desire to teach and empower others.

The one thing that did evolve was my area of expertise and my perspective. Older? Definitely. Wiser? I dare to think so. Over the past 4 years, as a creative outlet, I commenced a fashion + style blog. In that time, it has grown into a successful lifestyle blog (previously Sneakers + Soul), capturing an audience of over 55,000 followers on Instagram and creating regular content for leading global and Australian brands including Jurlique, Bugaboo, The Beach People, Bonds, Thankyou, The Glen, Harris Scarfe, Ford, Weylandts and most recently resulting in a cover for FETE Life.

Following the arrival of my son Luka in Dec 2014, I launched Project You + Me, an online retailer and community for the modern mama and her mini and there the foundations were laid. In 12 months, the business was profitable and we had grown our Instagram community to 15,000 engaged followers. The cross-section between these 2 experiences coupled with life experience, motherhood, my personality and a need in the market, my consultancy, the The Kindred List was born. I realised I had a very specific set of skills. Working day-to-day as both an influencer, content creator and a running a small business, I experience both sides of the business, client relationships, digital marketing + social media spectrum daily. And I wanted to apply that business experience in an entrepreneurial context.

The missing link for me has always been the intersection or blend of work, life and motherhood.  The more time I have spent in this industry as an entrepreneurial Mama, the more I (and many others to whom I have spoken) realised the need for two things;

  • Tangible skills, resources and community support to navigate this delicate balance
  • A toolkit + roadmap for entrepreneurial mamas to achieve our desired success and lifestyle

Typically, we pursue the self-employed dream after having children to chase a desired lifestyle – one which generally includes working in a business with purpose, a balanced lifestyle and above all, the time and freedom flexibility to spend time with our kids and families. But the result is often the exact opposite – an endless juggle of work, life and motherhood which ends in lack of time, exhaustion, overhelm, lack of focus, mama guilt, an inability to separate work from life and a general feeling that we’re not mindful or thriving in any of the above. Am I wrong? I suspect not.

So, whilst it’s my belief that it will always be a delicate juggle and somewhat blurry blend, it is possible and in fact, essential, to put in place the right structures and develop the skills to manage this. It is my dream to empower and enable as many Mama’s as possible to live their best blend.

So is a modern business and creative agency and lifestyle journal for the entreprenurial Mama. We exist to educate and empower you to grow - in work, in life and in motherhood.  We know that managing your precious time and scaling your business with the support of a like-minded community is key. We offer premium business strategy, social media + digital marketing coaching and services, whilst also taking care of creative elements to provide a holistic experience. Our aim is simple, we strive to help as many of you as possible to live the life you want and achieve your own success.

The most important thing I’ve built over the years, for which I am eternally grateful, is a truly amazing network. Of friends, partners, service providers, press, influencers, advisors and dead-set legends.

It is this experience, insights and network that I wish to share with you to help you grow your own business or idea in a digital world, whilst loving life and being present for the little things.

What am I passionate about? My son, family first always. Meaningful connections. Supporting each other. Collaboration. Coffee. Big Ideas. Bigger dreams. Reward for hard work. Freedom and flexibility. Disruption. A collective conscience. The greater good.

I also happen to think I’m hilariously funny, super creative, on the quirky side of normal and a fabulous coffee (or vino) date. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Welcome to your best life. Let’s create it together.

With heart + kindness
X ina

Scroll through the gallery below of our website shoot!! 

Photography by Shelley Price | Styling by your truly | Location: The Local, Inverloch | shoutout to all the incredible businesses that dressed up for our website shoot mama; overalls, tee + bag Fabrik mini; Little Urban Apparel Tee + Band Of Boys denim shorts plus twinning sandals from Palmaira x