Make 2019 Epic AF

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” - Oprah

Date: Sat 9th Feb 2019
Time: 3-5pm (raw treats + vino included)
Location: Nimbus Co, Cremorne

Do you have the big dreams to make 2019 epic AF? All whilst having the time to actually enjoy life? Join me as l guide you through a process of dreaming and intention setting, designing and setting goals to achieve a life you love and a tribe to support you in realising your vision. All over a cheeky vino!

This immersive workshop into dreaming and mindful and intentional goal setting which will leave you crystal clear on your goals for 2019, inspired to make positive changes and motivated to keep going. It will dig deep into your inner desires in work, life and motherhood (for all the Mama’s amongst the group) and how to pursue those in daily life. Above all, it will set you up with the tools and network to follow through and live in the magic. It will allow for connection and accountability.

This is how the afternoon will flow;

  • welcome/creating space

  • Dreaming

    - visualising and exploring your dream life

  • Actualising

    - creating a holistic plan

    - your WHY + work life design in goal setting

    - Creating daily habits for success

  • Sharing

    - the workshop will include up to 30mins of brainstorming, sharing and group discussion

You will leave;

  • empowered

  • grateful you made time and space for you

  • clear on your vision and goals for 2019

  • with actionable and simple tips, guidance and advice on following through and living your best life

  • a tribe of like-minded souls to support and love on you

Are you ready to make 2019 hi-vibe, abundant, fun and purposeful? I know I’ve got some big goals for 2019 so join me and together, let’s make 2019 epic AF.

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