A big believer that women have it all, I hustled and hustled (at all costs) until I realized that was absolutely true but it had two further binding statements;

  • You can have it all but you also have to DO it all

  • You can have it all but you can never ENJOY it all

Year 3 of my entrepreneurial journey, I was fabulously successful by all traditional metrics – my business was profitable, sustainable, I had mastered a drastic career change, I was living the dream working from home and balancing work, life and motherhood and hell, I was even a little insta famous (likened much to being rich in Monopoly). I HAD IT ALL.

Well yes. But no. Let’s revisit my binding statements. 

What I infact had was this.

I had it all but I was also doing it ALL. I had it all but I was in fact enjoying very little. In my quest to do it all, I had lost sense of the things that mattered the most to me – time, health + wellbeing, creative pursuits, being fully present, the ability to travel (and enjoy my holiday not take pictures of it for Instagram). I was working ridiculous hours which was forming some shocking habits and my own wellbeing and self-care was seriously compromised. 

I knew there had to be a better, more sustainable and mindful way than more hustle and I knew the only way to find it was to SLOW DOWN (try tell that to an overtly ambitious. Type-A personality).

I took a step back from my business and in one week, the same opportunity presented itself in 3 ways from 3 different people that I knew + trusted.  Now, I believe that everything happens for a reason and this was too much of a coincidence to be ignored.  I followed by gut and, after a shit-load of due diligence and research, dived into a heart-led business, The Gratitude Gang, which has allowed me to focus on and action 3 things which are absolutely crucial in my life;

  1. My own health & wellbeing, as well as my family’s.

  2. The ability to mentor other women and help them create their own success and impact.

  3. Additional income.

I am looking to grow The Rise Collective with like-minded women who want to be mentored by me and incredible collective of peers to create their own success through launching + scaling your own home-based online business within the wellness industry.

By joining The Rise Collective team you get;

  • your own home-based online business to nurture and grow ON YOUR OWN TERMS (for $165)

  • a 60min strategy/coaching session with me to determine your launch plan and/or how to intergrate this opportunity with your existing brand or business

  • an incredibly supportive community

  • an abundance of personal and professional development and training

  • FREE access to The Health Hub

  • access to rad events

  • to be part of an incredible and growing team of like-minded souls

Not only do we get to hang out, but you can finally make your wellbeing + self-care a priority whilst serving others and creating an additional income stream in your life so you can live the life you want – less hustle, more heart.

So, what will you decide?

Let’s rise together x