An exclusive mentoring community for heart-led female entrepreneurs seeking holistic success and work/life alignment in modern business.

It’s been in the works for years and finally it’s here, The Shine Club. 

An exclusive mentoring community for heart-led female entrepreneurs seeking holistic success and work/life alignment in modern business. 

You will thrive with mentoring support, regular relevant trainings and professional development, a like-minded tribe, accountability check-ins and ongoing, accessible advice. I know how hard you’ve worked for this and you deserve success, whatever that looks like for you!

In the 5 years since leaving my 9-5, I have built several successful online businesses, coached other women to do the same, amassed a combined social following of nearly 70,000 and worked on campaigns with some epic global and Australian brands, all whilst living life (and business) on my own terms as a Mama to my little man, Luka.

In that time, I have succeeded and I have failed. I have also learned a great deal, investing upwards of $65,000 in my personal and professional development.

These are the 3 things I know to be true;

  • Community is everything – your tribe will keep you motivated, inspired, empowered and provide kind feedback for growth, collaboration opportunities and a sounding board

  • Business success isn’t just about business – it’s just as much about mindset, health & wellbeing, family, money, relationships, community building, branding and what you have to say.

  • Accountability is essential for success - you need someone to hold you accountable or teach you to master self-accountability in order to achieve (and slay) your goals.

I also know you are time-poor, overwhelmed with information, constantly juggling, often struggling to prioritize and wanting to level-up personally and professionally so that you can truly SHINE, live the life you want and have the business you desire.

The Shine Club is a monthly mentoring membership designed to provide fresh + relevant content for modern business. It’s an epic community of thriving, like-minded women that will keep you accountable AF.

I am deeply passionate in sharing all I’ve learnt to help you succeed and find work/life alignment.  I will share my heart, my research, experience, technical knowledge, ideas and network with you and I expect one thing from you – that you show up.  Show up consistently and watch the magic happen.


  • You want a mentor and tribe of like-minded women to hold you accountable, cheer you on and provide kind feedback

  • Your lack of self-belief, confidence and self-doubt is holding you back

  • You have SO many ideas but not the time or framework to make them happen

  • You have been putting your dream life on hold

  • You want to start or grow a business or side-hustle but are too overwhelmed on where to start and get the best return on your time investment

  • You want to grow your community, presence and sales via social media but find it all overwhelming and time-consuming

  • That there is not enough time in the day to work in and on your business whilst taking care of your family and yourself

  • You want relevant, up-to-date, practical training and advice on all matters relating to holistic business success

  • Have a business idea, have just started out in business or an experienced boss babe (cause we all need to be held accountable, learn and grow right?)

Each MONTH, via a private FB community, you will access:


You will thrive in the a supportive community, network, collaborate and lift each other up.


  • a 45min deep dive masterclass recording with me or a relevant expert in their field (think branding, digital marketing strategy, social media, graphic design, money, website development + design, content marketing, SEO, Facebook Ads, sales, photography and content creation) as well as successful business-owners who will share their success with you.


  • a 30min group Zoom call to check in and keep each other on track and accountable toward our business goals and any homework from that month’s masterclass. Calls will be recorded and posted into the group if you are not available to make it.


A 30min group Zoom call with me (or relevant expert) providing an in-depth answer to one question submitted that month by you guys


I will check into our FB group 3 times per week and provide support, mentoring and advice, as well as answering questions.


Each month you will have access to workbooks, checklists and/or challenges relevant to that month’s masterclass topic.


  • You will receive 25% off all Work Life Mama events and have access to member-only meetups.


$225month for 6 months (receive 1 month FREE!)


How is the membership accessed?

The Shine Club membership is all run via a private Facebook group.

What happens when I join?

Once you join the Shine Club, you will receive a automated Welcome Email and then added to the private Facebook Group within 48-hours.  A orientation video will be waiting for you!

When does the Shine Club kick off?

The Shine Club will officially kick off on 1st August!

What if I can’t make one of the calls?

All the calls will be recorded and posted into the group so you can access at your convenience.


(in case you can’t be bothered changing tabs to the About Me section of the website)

 The first 12 years of my corporate career reads as an impressive resume. working in people + culture, leadership and strategy roles for several top tier organizations. From Melbourne to Hong Kong, I’ve built teams from the ground up; creating vital strategies for leadership development, talent management, and stakeholder engagement.  

 But what I consider to be my biggest professional achievement is leaving my job. Retiring from corporate life was the best career choice I have ever made.

 Leaving the corporate world provided me with open space to explore creative opportunities. My online style blog and digital journal, then Sneakers + Soul, quickly become a top influencer in brand messaging and marketing campaigns within its second year.  My strong visual aesthetic and ability to create simple systems that work enabled me to build a successful business on my own terms. That means being a fully present wife + mama to Luka, to enjoy a life that puts family, wellbeing.  travel, and adventure first.

 I founded Work Life Mama to share my expertise and help fill the gap of support for entrepreneurial-minded parents providing coaching and mentorship in career change, side-hustle transitions, business start up and up-levelling your existing business.There are a lot of obstacles to face as you launch your own business – overwhelm, decision fatigue, information overload – and it’s crucial to have a plan in place that keeps the big picture in mind. I know how to break the cycle of feeling trapped in your career, and to create a working system that allows you to grow your business in a way that supports your lifestyle goals. My superpowers lie in mindset, brand strategy, mindful social media, work life design, creative direction + content creation and community and collaboration.

 It takes grit, courage and self-belief to build a legacy.  It can be uncertain, overwhelming and down right shit-your-pants scary. I will be provide the training wheels on your bike to time freedom, financial independence and contentment and then look on so proudly when you can ride that bike all by yourself. I will hold space for you, keep you accountable, share my experiences and push you to grow.

What am I passionate about? Motherhood. Meaningful connections. Supporting each other. Collaboration. Ethics. Coffee. Big ideas. Bigger dreams. Reward for hard work. Freedom and flexibility. Disruption. A collective conscience. The greater good.


“We (Anorakki) originally engaged Ina to work with us to develop our marketing strategy, we have been blown away by her support and have now worked with her for our content creation. From the initial meeting with Ina and Chantelle to talk through the business and what our plans were, we felt they understood where we were coming from and really dug under the surface. We have felt that they believed in our product (Scandinavian anorak jackets) and our brand story to work with us to bring our brand to life. The coaching sessions and the final report produced gave us the confidence to continue planning and building the business as they were of excellent quality. In the final report, Ina put together some mood boards and we feel they represented the brand and fritid (Scandinavian for your free time) perfectly and we have use these to continually refer to and for briefing our graphic designer.

We would not hesitate to recommend Ina to any start up or business, we are glad she has been part of the Anorakki story and hope we can continue working with her on our journey” - Jemma and Silje, Anorakki

“I am so grateful to have reconnected with Ina. I had recently resigned from my full time teaching position after becoming ill from the stress and workload. Ina came along at the perfect time as I was about to venture into a new business idea. From the very beginning she was incredibly encouraging and supportive. Within three coaching sessions Ina had helped me find my true "why" and it became apparent that the business idea I had would not fulfil me in the way I was hoping it would, and that, in fact there was a much greater calling for me. Once I realised what it was, I immediately felt a huge sense of relief and excitement, knowing I had a purpose so sacred and deep that it would carry me through my life and bring me immense joy. 

Ina guided and supported me through each step of the set up phase, helping to keep me focused, teaching me anything I didn't know how to do and linking me to professionals such as branding experts and other supportive entrepreneurs I could collaborate with. She answered all the questions I had along the way, and helped me face fears and stories that were holding me back from moving forward. Ina's skills, expertise and wisdom are perfectly suited to helping women find their true "why" and create their dream lives. If I hadn't hired her as a coach I'm certain I would've wasted a whole lot of time, energy and money going down a path that would've failed to fulfil me and sustain my family. It's been amazing how finding my true purpose has led to everything falling into alignment and me living my best life, without Ina, I don't believe it would've been possible, or, in the best case scenario, it would've taken me a lifetime” – Casey, The Courage Project

“Ina has such a warm friendly personality that straight away makes working with her such a pleasure. I contacted Ina for help with my Interior Design business as I had felt it was no longer reflecting me or how I wanted my business to look anymore. My business and I had grown but I had not invested the time or motivation to adapted to where I was at simply because I was really stuck on where to start!

After a half day coaching session with Ina I was full of motivation, direction and the initial overwhelm had disappeared. Ina gave me the direction and confidence to set new goals, analyse what was and wasn’t working, and implement the much needed changes I had longed for. Thank you Ina, your guidance and knowledge was invaluable” – Kara, Dezign Muse

I must say that of all the people I have had the pleasure of meeting this year you are by far one of my favourites. Your energy is infectious and your honesty makes me feel like I can share anything with you. You are one down right cool and authentic chick and I am so excited to be entering 2019 with you by my side. You have given me the clarity and confidence to take our brand to the next level and I am so excited to see where our companies next year” Jacqui, MioPlay (Telstra Business Award Winner)