I’m all about you.

Empowering you to live your sweet purpose.

Work Life Mama exists to educate and empower you to grow - in work, in life and in motherhood.  I know that managing your precious time and scaling your business with the support of a like-minded community is key.  I followed an unbeaten path to success. Success how I measure it. I’m here to ensure you believe in yourself enough to follow your dream and show you what is possible.

 The first 12 years of my corporate career reads as an impressive resume. working in people + culture, leadership and strategy roles for several top tier organizations. From Melbourne to Hong Kong, I’ve built teams from the ground up; creating vital strategies for leadership development, talent management, and stakeholder engagement.  

 But what I consider to be my biggest professional achievement is leaving my job. Retiring from corporate life was the best career choice I have ever made.

 Leaving the corporate world provided me with open space to explore creative opportunities. My online style blog and digital journal, then Sneakers + Soul, quickly become a top influencer in brand messaging and marketing campaigns within its second year.  My strong visual aesthetic and ability to create simple systems that work enabled me to build a successful business on my own terms. That means being a fully present wife + mama to Luka, to enjoy a life that puts family, wellbeing.  travel, and adventure first.

 I founded Work Life Mama to share my expertise and help fill the gap of support for entrepreneurial-minded parents providing coaching and mentorship in career change, side-hustle transitions, business start up and up-levelling your existing business.There are a lot of obstacles to face as you launch your own business – overwhelm, decision fatigue, information overload – and it’s crucial to have a plan in place that keeps the big picture in mind. I know how to break the cycle of feeling trapped in your career, and to create a working system that allows you to grow your business in a way that supports your lifestyle goals. My superpowers lie in mindset, brand strategy, mindful social media, work life design, creative direction + content creation and community and collaboration.

 It takes grit, courage and self-belief to build a legacy.  It can be uncertain, overwhelming and down right shit-your-pants scary. I will be provide the training wheels on your bike to time freedom, financial independence and contentment and then look on so proudly when you can ride that bike all by yourself. I will hold space for you, keep you accountable, share my experiences and push you to grow.

What am I passionate about? Motherhood. Meaningful connections. Supporting each other. Collaboration. Ethics. Coffee. Big ideas. Bigger dreams. Reward for hard work. Freedom and flexibility. Disruption. A collective conscience. The greater good.